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FiveM - Saam.exe's Test Server

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FiveM Development

Your imagination is the limit, we can make it happen. From scripts with a few dozen to thousands of lines of code.

Do you want a security assessment of your code? Bugfixing and/or optimization? Se a full list of our services below.


Custom Resources

Do you need a new HUD? Or maybe you want to develop an idea you have? The only limit is your imagination, join our discord and get a FREE quote.

Starting at:15.00

Security / Pentesting

You may have doubts about the security of your code, if it's exploitable in any way, shape or form. We use different methods and techniques to find vulnerabilities in your server, and we will help you fix them.

Starting at:10.00

Optimization / Bugfixing

If you want to squeeze the most performance out of your server and/or script, fix a pesky bug or remove unnecessary features this is the service you need.

Starting at:5.00


In game Administration & Development tool, feature rich, highly customizable and always improving.

Completely standalone, Enforcer doesn't need dependencies to work, and has API support in case you want to add your own features on top of it.