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📜 Features

⚠️ Enforcer is currently in beta, some features might not be available yet. Everything that is listed here (and more) will be available in the final release.

Online Players menu

View a list of all the players online, with their name, server ID, framerate, ping and additional icons for their current states, like if they're in a Vehicle, armed, and more. You can also see a map with the player's location, their connection time, health and armor bars, and a live preview of their game screen.

The player list is searchable and sortable.

Single Player menu

You can perform actions on a single player, this includes the most common ones, like kicking, banning, teleporting, reviving, healing, etc. You can also see their current vehicle, and teleport to it.

Offline Players menu

A complete list of all players that logged out of the server in the past "server session". You can view where they logged out, whom they were with, perform actions on them, see the reason they quit and how much time has passed since then. A great tool for administrators.

Like the online players menu, this one is also searchable and sortable.

Context Menu

The context menu is an additional and really powerful feature of Enforcer. It allows you to select single or multiple entities in the world and perform actions on them. Point at something, a ped, vehicle, player, or object and instantly open a menu to interact with it. Copy their coordinates, teleport to them, delete them, and much more.

The context menu also allows you to point at any surface in the world and get their material name and hash.


Enforcer comes with a built-in noclip, allowing you to move around the world freely, without any restrictions. You can easily change the noclip speed with the scroll wheel, and toggle it on and off with a single key. Custom animations for entering and exiting noclip are also included.

Administration Tools

These tools allow you to perform administrative actions on the server, see bans, manage weather, time, and much more.

One section includes a fully working and optimized ESP system, allowing you to see all (or some) entities in the world, through walls, with a custom color for each type of entity. You can also see the distance to each entity, and their current health.

Dev Tools

These tools are there to make a developer's life easier. Allowing you to spend less time debugging or gathering information, and more time developing.

Enforcer's Cleararea tool allows you to delete all entities of a specific type in a custom radius around you, or in the entire world. You can also trigger a remote cleararea, in a specific zone, or around a specific player.

A copycoords menu is also included, allowing you to copy your current coordinates, or the coordinates of a selected entity, to your clipboard, in a format that can be used in scripts. On top of our templates, you can also add your own custom templates, to copy the coordinates in a format that might not be present in the default templates.

If you need to visualize the dimensions of entities, you can use the entity dimensions tool, which will draw a box around the selected entity. Also displaying more information about the entity, like the model name, hash, on top of it.

Another great tool that might come in handy to debug is the Entity Owner tool, easily visualize the owner of an entity, with custom colors for each owner.

Game data visualization

Enforcer comes integrated with plenty of game data visualizer, view all Particle Effects, Clipsets, Animations, Sounds, PostFX, Weapons, and more. You can also view all the game's models, with their name, hash, and a preview of said model.


Other than the UI, Enforcer also comes with a set of commands, allowing you to perform actions without opening the menu. You can use the commands to open the menu, toggle noclip, clear area, teleport to marker, bring and send back players, goto players, spectate and much more.


Enforcer comes with a built-in permissions system, allowing you to restrict access to certain features to specific groups. You can also add your own custom permissions, and use them in your own custom actions.

Everything is checked server-side, so you don't have to worry about players bypassing permissions, or using the API to perform actions they shouldn't be able to.


Enforcer comes with a built-in chat, allowing you to send messages to the whole server or other admins only.


Enforcer is fully customizable, allowing you to change the colors of the UI, the font, the opacity, and more. You can also change the keybinds for each action, and even disable some of them.


Enforcer comes with a built-in API, allowing you to use it with any framework, or even a custom one. You can use the API to open the menu, close it, and perform actions on players, like kicking, banning, teleporting, etc.

Add your own custom actions and buttons to the menus, and even add your own custom menus.

Using Enforcer

To use Enforcer, you need to first open it, you can do that by pressing the default keybind, F10 or by holding ALT and scrolling up with the mouse wheel.

To close it you can use the same keybinds.

To go into noclip, you can press ' or hold ALT and scroll down with the mouse wheel.

While in Noclip, Enforcer will automatically disable itself, allowing you to control the Noclip speed with the mouse wheel, if you want to interact with Enforcer while in Noclip, you will need to hold SHIFT.

The context menu cna be opened by holding Z and pressing Left mouse button on any entity you want to interact with.

For more information, check out the discord.



In game Administration & Development tool for FiveM servers, based on React & Typescript. Usable while moving, completely standalone, Enforcer doesn't need dependencies to work, but has API support in case you want to use it with a popular framework or a custom one.

Join the Beta

Enforcer is currently in Beta, join our Discord to become a beta tester and try it completely for Free.

You might even get a discount or a free subscription once the beta ends!